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Master English with ease, anytime, anywhere.

With Dialogs, you can practice your English speaking skills with interactive role-play activities, chat with tutors, and learn new words, expressions and the correct pronunciation.

Imagine a world where you can
confidently communicate in any situation

Whether it's a professional meeting, a social gathering, or a customer service interaction, with Dialogs™, our cutting-edge language training app, that world becomes a reality. Dialogs™ is a role-playing app designed to help users practice and improve their English verbal skills. Through a variety of general and profession-specific scenarios, users can simulate real-life conversations and gain the confidence and fluency they need to succeed. Whether you're a business professional, a student, or an avid learner, Dialogs™ will take your English verbal communication skills to the next level.

Practice English easily and effectively!

With Dialogs you have the right resources and tools, to make significant progress in your English speaking skills. Trust in your own potential and take the initiative to start practicing today.

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Have a chat with your tutor

Share your thoughts and interests. The topics are random and open ended, all designed to help you improve your English conversation skills. Let nothing stop you from expressing yourself freely.

Have fun and enjoy a variety of activities

Every day, you will be presented with an activity of different topics in which you will role play. Whether it's a simulation in a professional setting or a fun, imaginative exercise, you can practice your speaking skills in an interactive way. So let's get started!

Monitor your progress

• Get instant feedback after you speak.
• Review your conversation.
• Get the complete feedback of your conversation.
• Learn from your mistakes.
• Track your weekly progress.


Become Fluent with Dialogs!


Role-play activities with a variety of topics and levels tailored to your needs.

Simple Interface

User-friendly and intuitive design.


Excellent voice recognition.

Helpful Feedback

Instant feedback of your replies and full-report of your performance.

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